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Thursday, 21 January 2016

General Awareness quiz

=======General Awareness Solved Question ========
1. If the densities of a solid and a liquid are same, then the solid will–
(A) Float (B) Sink (C) Remain in equilibrium (D) None of the above (Ans : C)
2. A person standing in front of a tall building hears the echo of his sound after 2 seconds. What is the approximate distance of the building?
(A) 400 m (B) 666 m (C) 512 m (D) 632 m (Ans : B)
3. What will a temperature of 32° Fahrenheit correspond to on the Celsius scale?
(A) 100°C (B) 273°C (C) 0°C (D) – 4°C (Ans : C)
4. What is the freezing temperature of water on Kelvin scale?
(A) 0 K (B) 273 K (C) 373 K (D) – 273 K (Ans : B)
5. What is a light year ?
(A) Unit of measuring distance (B) Unit of measuring time
(C) Unit of measuring speed of light (D) The year having 28 days in February (Ans : A)
6. An electric potential will be generated across a copper coil–
(A) If a strong magnet is brought near it (B) If a strong magnet is moved away from it
(C) If the coil is brought near a strong magnet (D) All of the above (Ans : D)
7. Which of the following is an example of a cartilage?
(A) Ribcage (B) Jaw bone (C) Ear bone (D) Teeth (Ans : C)
8. Which of the following stimulus generally cause movement in plants?
(A) Light (B) Touch (C) Gravity (D) All of these (Ans : A)
9. Deficiency of which of the following minerals causes goitre?
(A) Phosphorus (B) Iron (C) Sodium (D) Iodine (Ans : D)
10. Which of the following is true about a bacteria cell ?
(A) It is basically a plant cell (B) It is basically an animal cell
(C) It can be either a plant cell or an animal cell (D) It is neither a plant cell not an animal cell (Ans : D)
11. Which of the following needs another living cell to multiply?
(A) Bacteria (B) Virus (C) Fungus (D) Algae (Ans : B)
12. A solution of pH value 10 is–
(A) A basic solution (B) An acidic solution (C) A neutral solution (D) Cannot be said definitely (Ans : A)
13. Which of the following liquids expands on cooling and contracts on heating within the temperature range of 0°C to 4°C?
(A) Water (B) Alcohol (C) Mercury (D) Petroleum (Ans : A)
14. What are antibiotics?
(A) Chemicals which can kill bacteria (B) Chemicals which can kill viruses
(C) Chemicals which can kill both bacteria and viruses (D) Chemicals which immunize human cells (Ans : A)
15. Which of the following is a polymer?
(A) Bronze (B) Steel (C) Plastic (D) Glass (Ans : C)
16. Who has the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha ?
(A) Speaker (B) Prime Minister (C) President (D) Parliament (Ans : C)
17. Who is the chairperson of the Rajya Sabha ?
(A) Prime Minister (B) Speaker (C) President (D) Vice-President (Ans : D)
18. What is the minimum age for becoming the Governor of a State?
(A) No age limit (B) 35 years (C) 30 years (D) 25 years (Ans : B)
19. What is one of the minimum qualifications for becoming a judge of the Supreme Court ?
(A) 5 years practice in High Court (B) 10 years practice in High Court
(C) 15 years practice in High Court (D) 20 years practice in High Court (Ans : B)
20. Who presides over the sessions of the Lok Adalats?
(A) Retired judges (B) District Judge (C) Tehsildar (D) District Magistrate (Ans : A)
21. What is the term RAM associated with the computers?
(A) Random Access Memory (B) Read Access Memory
(C) Real Advance Memory (D) Rechargeable Advance Memory (Ans : A)
22. What is a computer virus?
(A) A type of virus which eats computer parts (B) A harmful computer program
(C) A harmful computer part (D) A damaged computer part (Ans : B)
23. What is the purpose of fuses provided in the electrical circuits?
(A) To melt and break the circuit in case of accidental high currents (B) To regulate voltage in case of accidental high currents
(C) To bye-pass sudden high voltage (D) None of the above (Ans : A)
24. In which of the following continents is Somalia situated ?
(A) Asia (B) Europe (C) Australia (D) Africa (Ans : D)
25. What are Dakshin Gangotri and Maitree ?
(A) India's permanent stations in Antarctica (B) I

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