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Sunday, 21 February 2016

ISRO's Cryogenic Engine🚀Test Successful

📰2⃣7⃣1⃣: ISRO's Cryogenic Engine🚀Test Successful 👍

ISRO were successful👍 with a hotbed test of the cryogenic engine for the upper stage of the GSLV Mark 3⃣ rocket🚀. The test at ISRO Propulsion Research centre at Mahendragiri lasted 640 seconds.
The cryogenic engine (CE20) generates power of approximately 2MW😱 using Liquid Hydrogen at -253 degrees C and Liquid Oxygen at -193 degrees C as propellants. The engine will be vacuum tested in the high altitude test facility as part of the flight acceptance test.ISRO chairman A.S. Kiran Kumar called the test a phenomenal achievement. He confirmed that preparations were being made for the first developmental flight of the GSLV Mark 3⃣ in December 2016. MK3, the biggest rocket🚀 in India, will be capable of launching 4⃣ tonne satellites into geosynchronous orbit🌐.

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