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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

General Quiz -20-04-2016

1. The longest bridge is built across which river?
Ans. Yangtze river.
2. Odd Man Out (Tiger, Lion, Giraffe, Horse)?
Ans. Horse
3. Which bacteria turns milk into curd?
Ans. Lactobacillus
4. UHT Full form?
Ans. Ultra High Temperature
5. Who invented the mouse?
Ans. Douglas Englebart
6. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Ans. Nasim Zaidi
7. Which state of India has largest production of silk?
Ans. Karnataka
8. Chinese Pilgrim who visited India during Gupta period?
Ans. Fa Hien
9. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq changed capital from Delhi to which place?
Ans. Daultabad
10. Supreme Commander of Indian Defense Services?
Ans. President
11. Largest Princely state during Indian Independence?
Ans. Hyderabad
12. Which state became the first digital state in India?
Ans. Kerala
13. Which is Nitrogen Fixing Bacterias?
Ans. Rhizobium
14. Railway Budget 2016 presented by?
Ans. Suresh Prabhu
15. M.D and CEO of Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI)?
Ans. Shekhar Saran

16. Winner of Sangita Kalanidhi Award 2015?
ans. Sanjay Subrahmanyan
17. As per RBI, villages having more than _____ residents to have bank branches by March 2017?
Ans. 5000
18. Which Indian Scientist contradicted Einstein theory of energy (E=mc^2)?
Ans. Ajay Sharma
19. Tirumala temple situated in which hills?
Ans. Venkatadri
20. World Wide Web invented by?
ans. Tim Berners-Lee
21. ICC number one Test player 2015(Batsmen)?
Ans. Steve Smith
22. ICC President?
Ans. Zaheer Abbas
23. Inventor of Machine Gun?
Ans. Richard Gatling
24. The 23rd Governor of RBI?
Ans. Raghuram Rajan
25. Inventor of Fountain Pen?
Ans. Petrache Poenaru
26. The First king of Vijayanagara Dynasty?
Ans. Harihara

26. The First king of Vijayanagara Dynasty?
Ans. Harihara I
27. The Longest Serving Chief Minister in India?
Ans. Jyoti Basu
28. Full Form of MRP?
Ans. Maximum Retail Price
29. Full Form of MMU?
Ans. Memory Management Unit
30. Who discovered blood groups?
Ans. Karl Landsteiner
31. Name the bank associated with BRICS?
Ans. New Development Bank (NDB)
32. Name the largest moon in the solar system?
Ans. Ganymede
33. What is the old name of Singapore?
Ans. Singapura
34. Who was the winner of Men’s Badminton tournament in 1980?
Ans. Prakash Padukone
35. Name the ex-prime minister who was awarded Bharat Ratna in 2015?
Ans. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
36. Largest moon of pluto?
Ans. Charon

37. Full form of TCP in the context of networks?
Ans. Transmission Control Protocol
38. Raja Bhoj was related to which kingdom?
Ans. Paramara Dynasty of Malwa
39. Article 29 of the Indian Constitution is related to what?
Ans. Protection of rights of minorities
40. Commonwealth Games 2022 venue?
Ans. Durban, South Africa
41. Which was the first capital of Sri Lanka?
Ans. Anuradhapura
42. Which is India’s first satellite for defense purposes?
Ans. GSAT-7
43. When was partition of India announced?
Ans. 3rd June 1947
44. What is the cricket bat made out of?
Ans. Willow Wood
45. What is chalk made out of?
Ans. Calcium Carbonate
46. Where is the Museum of Nobel Prize located?
ans. Stockholm, Sweden
47. Who presented the Union Budget in 1947 for first time?
Ans. R.K. Shanmukham Chetty
48. Who invented Stainless Steel?
Ans. Harry Brearley

49. Which city is known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea?
Ans. Kochi
50. Winner of the 2015 Man Booker Prize?
Ans. Marlon James
51. Which is the next movie in the Harry Potter series?
Ans. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
52. Who is known as the Father of Video Games?
Ans. Ralph H. Baer
53. Which unit is Nerve center of the computer system?
Ans. Arithmetic and logic unit.
54. First Solar power Airport in India is located at?
Ans. Kochi.
55. Supreme court was established in which year?
Ans. 1950.
56. First women who went into space in China ?
Ans. Liu Yang.
57. What is S.I. Unit of Sound?
Ans. Decibel.
58. Who is Inventor of Dynamite?
Ans. Alfred Nobel.
59. Which city called as Pink City in India?
Ans. Jaipur.

60. Gyroscope is used in ?
Ans. Measuring orientation
61. Dry ice means?
Ans. Solid form of Carbon Dioxide.
62. Largest Pyramid in Egypt?
Ans. The Great Pyramid of Giza.
63. World cancer day?
Ans. 4 February.
64. Name of the gas in Bhopal gas tragedy?
Ans. Methyl isocyanate (MIC)
65. Rajatarangini is related to which state?
Ans. Kashmir
66. Who was Indian who invented emails?
Ans. VA Shiva Ayyadurai
67. What is Blue Moon?
Ans. Third full Moon in an astronomical season with four full Moons
68. The process of removing dissolved salts from water?
Ans. Desalination.
69. Which country has won the maximum number of FIFA World football cup?
Ans. Brazil
70. Sumitra Mahajan is representing which constituency?
Ans. Indore constituency of Lok Sabha in Madhya Pradesh
71. What is the other name of black soil?
Ans. Regur Soil
72. Number of Bio geographical zones in India ?
Ans. 10
73. Which is the most powerful in chess ?
Ans. Queen
74. Who is winner of Dinanath Mangeshkar award 2015 ?
Ans. Anil Kapoor
75. Replanting of forest is called ?
Ans. Reforestation
76. Felithiye island is located at ?
Ans. Turkey
77. The study of heat is known as ?
Ans. Thermodynamics
78. Highest statue of Christ is located at?
Ans. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
79. Chera Dynasty ruled in which state of India ?
Ans. Kerala
80. Who succeeded Balmer as Microsoft’s CEO ?
Ans. Satya Nadella
81. A triangle has angles in ratio of 1:2:3. Then what would be the smallest value ?
Ans. 30 degree
82. If Knife : Cut, Then Gun : ?
Ans. Shoot
83. Pallava King who wrote stories?
Ans. Narasimhavarman II
84. Notre Dame Cathedral located in?
Ans. Paris
85. Which of the following rivers flows from Tibet?
Ans. Sutlej
86. Atomic Number is equal to the?
Ans. Number of Protons
87. PA Sangma served as a Lok Sabha speaker in year?
Ans. 1996 to 1998
88. When was AAP(Aam Aadmi Party) established?
Ans. November 26, 2012
89. Name of the Japan Parliament?
Ans. Diet
90. Which state has largest mangrove forest?
Ans. West Bengal
91. Who discovered radioactivity?
Ans. Henri Becquerel
92. Madurai is situated on the banks of which river?
Ans.River Vaigai

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