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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 22/07/2020 VideoS [ 3 to 12]

Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 21/07/2020 VideoS [ 3 to 12]

Efforts are being made by the education department through different means under home loan. Std. 9 to 12 lockdown and coro epidemic can study at home and children's studies will not be spoiled as well as the standard of knowledge that can be obtained by the Department of Education attack program DD.  Virtual classroom and initiation application from Girnar Channel and Vande Gujarat Channel Channel OCC and knowledge of religion is imparted to children through YouTube.  Apart from this, the program is broadcasted daily through YouTube and Diksha application so that the children can acquire knowledge of their own standard and subject on a daily and regular basis.  The link of which is given below. Every day from 15th June, regular standard 6 to 8 and 8 to 12 children are given subject wise knowledge through youtube and initiation application and also test is given at the end of the unit on the basis of which students also get the answers of the last test.  Writes and the answers are sent to the teacher or class teacher through whatsapp and about the teacher checks the class teacher and again sent to that student through whatsapp. So that the students know where my mistake is and I have to watch the video again.  Whether it is necessary or not, the teacher should know that this student has this subject or this is just a little bit of raw material from which more effort can be made.  Through home learning, children acquire knowledge sitting at home and children do not realize that schools are closed due to the Koro epidemic and children sitting at home can acquire knowledge which means that school is closed and not education.



Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 22/07/2020 VideoS [ 3 to 12]

Due to the efforts made by the state government, even in an epidemic like Corona, children and teachers are doing their best to ensure that the academic year of the children is not wasted and the children carry enough knowledge in the next year to the satisfaction of the teachers and children.  Can also work systematically in previous years.

Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 22/07/2020 VideoS [ 3 to 12]

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