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Friday, 3 July 2020

Primary School "Varshik Nirikshan Aheval" pdf Download karo.

Primary School "Varshik Nirixan Aheval" pdf Download karo. The annual inspection report for primary schools is a useful patrak. The pdf and word file of this form is placed here. Which all teachers can use by downloading.

Varshik Nirixan AhevaL
 : Vidhyalaxmi Bond Antargat Kharekhar Labharthio ne Chukavni ni Karyavahi Purna karva Babat Niyamak sir no Letter. Matter of completing the process of payment to the actual beneficiaries under Vidyalakshmi Bond Scheme.  Pursuant to the above subject and reference, the amount of matured bonds of previous years under Vidyalakshmi Bond Scheme has not been paid to the beneficiary girls.
Officers / employees involved in departmental investigation This booklet has been updated keeping in view the purpose of keeping abreast of the amendments made in the rules as well as the notification of published resolutions / circulars. I am delighted to update this guideline on departmental investigative procedures. This booklet has not been prepared in place of the existing statutory rules or instructions / alternatives, but has been updated with the intention of providing simple language guidance to the employees involved in the departmental inquiry proceedings on the provisions of the rules. The defense officer and the staff / officers acting on their behalf will not be able to cite this booklet as a basis during the departmental investigation

Primary School "Varshik Nirikshan Aheval" pdf Download karo.

There was a need to update the guidelines for departmental investigations.
. The Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 181 and the resolutions / circulars / instructions issued from time to time in this regard should be considered as the basis. Even when the question of interpretation of the rule arises, only the words of the original rule / provision should be taken into consideration
Will remain.

Primary School "Varshik Nirikshan Aheval" pdf Download karo.

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