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Friday, 6 November 2020

A new picture of whatsapp has arrived Money transfer now

A new picture of whatsapp has arrived Money transfer now

You can use the BHIM app using the registered mobile number in your bank account.  Similarly, the mobile number should be linked to the bank account of the person to whom you want to send money through BHIM app.  After this, the amount can be transferred after downloading the app and registering in it.

 So far more than 4.31 lakh people have downloaded BHIM app from Google Play Store.  You can also check the balance of your bank account using the Bhima app.  You can also recharge mobile and DTH with this app.

 Google Pe is a popular app for transferring funds from your bank account.  For some time, there is a reward for transferring money from Google Pe.  Due to this, the number of its customers has increased rapidly.  The first app was named Tez.

1.7 million people using Android operating software in smartphones have downloaded this app from Google Play Store so far.  Here too, you have to register the mobile number registered in your bank account in the app and after that your bank account is linked to it.

 Even on the payment of utility bill, Google Pe or Tej offers you a variety of cashback offers.

Paytm is a very popular mobile wallet app.  Paytm is a useful app for any kind of online payment.  After linking to a bank account, apart from making a payment, you can also do shopping with Paytm etc.

 The Paytm app was launched in India at the time of demonetisation in 2016.  So far, about 46 lakh people have downloaded Paytm from Google's Play Store.

 Phone pe is a popular app for sending money from one account to another, utility bill payment, mobile / DTH recharge etc.  So far, 22 lakh people have downloaded the Phone pe app from Google Play Store.

The PhonePe app has been introduced by Walmart's investment company Flipkart.  PhonePe is the second largest mobile wallet company in the country by popularity.

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 PhonePe is actually launched in collaboration with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).  You can also transfer funds from your bank account, as well as shopping, bill payment, etc. through the PhonePe app.

 Through PhonePe app, you can transfer up to one lakh rupees to another bank account.  This app has 2 steps security, one is mobile number and the other is MPIN system.  The PhonePe app is connected to 31 banks, from which you can receive money or send money to them.

JioMoney Wallet of Reliance Jio, the country's leading telecom company, is also gaining popularity gradually.  So far 1.8 lakh people have downloaded it from Google Play Store.  With the help of Jio Money Wallet, you can easily transfer money to someone else's bank account.

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