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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Educational calendar for Academic year 2020-21

Educational calendar for Academic year 2020-21

I am very happy to tell all the learners researching in Std. 12 that the Administration of Gujarat is sending for you a method of studying for free at home phoned online education. We are all conscious of what online schooling is and how to give it.  Now I want to show you in detail how to give your child great fun and scrutiny through online education and how your children can get forward with very good dents in board exams with this knowledge. Allow me indicate you by composing a manuscript below.

 Hello my parents, children, friends and all the friends who are browsing the manuscript, I wish you all will exist fine. I wish you want to educate for the board exam this year. Now is the time that you can't go to tuition, so the Gujarat government has given rise to it for you.  We know this video as far ormalin and from residence or no video so that you can study at home effortlessly. The only significance of the government behind nd this video is that it is the resolve of Gujarat government to impart knowledge to every child standing at home for free throws ugh video.

 We all understand what is going on at the moment because we can't all get out of the house because of this virus unpaid to the inflammation of corona, how can we go to tuition, the best in the world of Gujarat by the Gujarat government to solve all these problems.  Parents and child colleagues have a very humble appeal to you to take benefit of the new videos existing given rise to by the teachers every day as the teachers who made all these videos are very low skilled teachers and you can comprehend these teachers in very simple language.  That way it will give a gorgeous fun awareness in our Gujarati language.

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 So parents, let me tell you that every day through youtube and DD Girnar, all the children are studying online education at home. Through all kinds of literature, this education is given a very kind, excellent and valuable education. So far you can see that from June 15, Gujarat Government education  This program has been started by the department and if it is a complete success, then friends, you also show this program to your children every day and give study to your child sitting at home even in this lockdown situation because schools are closed, education is not closed.  We want you to take this principle forward as we know it

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