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Sunday, 3 January 2021


That still leaves the problem of memorizing a string of numbers, and here’s where the magic is. Teach children to skip count to the tune of a simple song. Have you ever wondered why children can learn the lyrics to songs so easily? It is because music can be used as a mnemonic device, that is a strategy to assist with memorization. If you can associate the numbers with the sounds in a song, the children will not only learn them faster, but retain them much longer than they would memorizing them exclusively through repetition
Several years ago, I was trying to assist a couple of my neighbor girls who were in middle grade resource classes for failing math. They would come over with their math books and sit at my kitchen table. After a few minutes of watching them stare at the problems with a hopeless look in their eyes, I was shocked to realize the issue went well beyond the current material. They didn’t know how to multiply without counting it out. Somehow the multiplication tables they should have learned 4-5 years previously had evaded them, and they were essentially crippled in math.
Maths, there is a number of arithmetic calculations or operations which includes multiplication and division, addition, subtraction, differentiation, integration, etc. Each calculation has its own method to calculate the relation between the numbers based upon the operation performed on them. Along with the methods, it is always useful to learn some multiplication tricks to save time

This trick is a little odd, but only because it only works with odd numbers. Write down the fives multiplication facts that use an odd number and watch as your child finds the magical oddity. She may see that if she subtracts one from the multiplier, “cuts” it in half and puts a five after it, that’s the answer to the problem.

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