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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Check Light Bill Status Online Light bills have been posted online from all the districts

Check Light Bill Status Online Light bills have been posted online from all the districts

Light bills have been posted online from all the districts


Check Light Bill Status Online



Pay Your Bill :-

Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited 

Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. 

Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. 

Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. 

Check how much light bill you got.

  You can also fill out online

Click on the link in your area.
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For Central Gujarat

Send this message to everyone in Gujarat

Do you want to get rid of the hassle of light bill? ...
See your lightbill.
Hosh will fly ....
See bill credit.
Ever heard that GEB will pay you back? ...
Yes .... this is possible .... so who are you waiting for ...
This is the last chance.
Register before the subsidy stops.

The Gujarat government provides half subsidy for installation of solar power plants at home
Last chance to take ...
Don't miss this opportunity..don't be in false illusion.

The Government of Gujarat (GEDA - Gujarat Energy Development Agency) has implemented a policy of installing solar roof top power plants in every district of the state of Gujarat to deliver solar energy to households.
According to this scheme the customer will be given the following benefits by the Government of Gujarat as well as the Government of India.

In this scheme only Rs. 2,300 / - per 1KWp solar power plant by Gujarat Government (Rs. 10,000 / - per 1KWp by Gujarat Government and Rs. 50,000 / - for 2KWp and Rs.  % Subsidy will be given. So after getting the subsidy in your house, it will be only Rs. 5,610 / -.) So at a nominal price of Rs.  Will be given.

Out of which 2 units will be produced daily ... and in the bill 2 x 50 days = 120 units per month x 2 = 50 units minus one bill you will have to pay the extra bill ... no maintenance hassle as it is a device without battery.  .. Performance warranty of solar panel for 5 years ....

   -: Use of Solar System: 
All the electric items in our house like a.  We can use it for C., freezer, TV, water motor, washing machine, ironing, light-fan etc.

Contact us today to avail this scheme and for more information:

Don't forget to send the information of this scheme to your friends and family so that your friends and family can also avail the benefits of this scheme of Gujarat Government

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