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Friday, 8 January 2021



Uttarayan cannot be observed on terraces, grounds or roads.

- No one other than family members can be present.

- Large numbers of people will not be able to gather on the terrace or other place.

- Legal action will be taken against the Chairman-Secretary if  rules are violated.

- Tight police arrangements will be made in kite markets like Raipur Mint and Naroda.

- Ban on Chinese Tukkal and Chinese Manja.

- Strict action will be taken violation of mask and social distance.

- Individuals outside the premises of any society will be barred from entering.

- People from the west cannot go  the east for Uttarayan

- The chairman will be held responsible if a crowd gathers in the flat

- Pregnant women and persons over 65 years of age and co-People with morbidity should not be overwhelmed

- If the people fly kites, the police will fly drones

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