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Sunday, 14 February 2021



 The spiral-wound membrane module has been optimized for specialty applications such as natural gas treatment, emission control in tank farms, and in the chemical and process industries. It is distinguished by consistently high selectivity over a long period under demanding operating conditions.

The design of PuraMem® VOC has been specially conceived to allow the new membrane from Evonik to be incorporated flexibly into the existing infrastructure of the system. The standard dimension of an 8” diameter and the flexible gasket or integrated Kwik-Flange adapter make it possible to easily plug-in as well as drop in replacement of PuraMem® VOC modules into existing system installations.

Evonik is the world’s only fully backward-integrated producer of high-selectivity separation membranes. Thanks to the group's many years of expertise in polymer chemistry, Evonik is able to adjust the membrane properties already at the development stage of the base material—the high-performance polymer—to produce especially selective and robust membranes that can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures.

The membrane is designed for the challenging process conditions of natural gas processing with complex gas compositions and typical pressure and temperature conditions up to 70°C. It can be used particularly effectively in natural gas sources with a high concentration of carbon dioxide because, under these conditions, the separating properties of the membrane remain intact. 

SEPURAN® NG is an especially robust, hollow-fiber membrane, which is based on a high-performance plastic that can withstand extreme pressure and temperatures. This enables particularly selective separation of the sour gases from the natural gas, high tolerance of the higher hydrocarbons contained in the natural gas, and consistently high performance of the membrane throughout its lifetime. 

Hydrogen is used in the most varied chemical reactions. In the case of many of these reactions, the hydrogen used is not fully consumed and can thus be purified and recycled. The very selective SEPURAN® Noble membrane developed by Evonik enables high product gas purity, a high hydrogen yield as well as reduced energy consumption.

Molecular hydrogen can be produced by steam reforming and subsequently by a water gas shift reaction or it occurs as a by-product of different reactions. The largest consumers of hydrogen are refineries as well as ammonia and methanol production facilities.

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