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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Nidan Kasoti Adhyan Nispati

Nidan Kasoti Adhyan Nispati
Regarding the unit test program of the subject standard 3 to 8. Under the above subject, it is stated that the entire educational campaign examines the academic quality of each subject from standard 1 to 2, taking remedial work of that subject as well as periodic assessment test on the part of SC. A unit test has been organized to evaluate and improve the quality of classroom teaching by teachers.

During the second semester of the academic year, the unit test of various subjects will be taken in accordance with the schedule included in the standard from 1 to 3 on November 30. It will be delivered to the district in soft copy every Thursday.

Each district will have to deliver BRC and BRC on the same day CRC will be delivered in soft copy to the school on Friday. The cost for this can be improved by owning a Composition Grant. Local unit monitoring and management will have to be coordinated at the district level by the district project coordinator for the unit to be properly tested.

Upon completion of the unit test, the unit test notebook will have to be shown to each student's guardian and his / her signature will also be worked out.

Question papers of other media other than Gujarati which ICE and MA of that district have to obtain from their district dial and deliver to the soft copy of the school through BRC CRC. Students of Hindi and Sanskrit subjects in standard 6 to 8 will be required to take the same test in one day. Thes will have to take a test of Hindi and then Sanskrit subject unit first.

Unit Testing Guidelines Unit Testing is conducted by teachers in grades 1 through 2 and 3 to 3, to evaluate and improve the quality of classroom teaching work and to improve the quality of classroom teaching work. Hindi subject will be covered in unit test. About 25 minutes as scheduled on the date specified in the plan. For Hindi and Sanskrit subjects will be taken on same day in standard 6 to 8. In order to maintain cohesion, the first Hindi test will be taken after the culture test. The answer will be to write the teacher and student class teaching by the unit test measuring the teaching process It is also planned to.

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