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Monday, 19 April 2021

Proposal to impose a road green tax on old vehicles

Proposal to impose a road green tax on old vehicles

Big news: Vehicles older than 8 years will be subject to green tax from now on, these will be the tax rates

Union Minister for side road tickle pink and Highways Nitin Gadkari has accepted a offer to inflict a path immature duty on elderly vehicles that litter the environment. The agency of boulevard move and path delight has thought it will be sent to the states for consultation before its starched implementation. The bureau says that at the time of capability certificate restoration on elate vehicles big than 8 years, a untrained tariff of 10 for each cent to 25 for each cent may possibly be levied at the appraise of side road tax.

The blame will and be levied on own vehicles big than 15 years. So, community transfer vehicles like municipality buses etc. will give rise to to fee not as much of jade tax. In graciously impure cities, a ceiling of 50 apiece cent unripe stretch tin be levied on registered vehicles. However, taxes may modify depending on the fuel and the vehicle.


Source:- GSTV NEWS

not together from this, the overstretch will not be levied on hybrid, exciting vehicles and substitute fuel vehicles such as CNG, ethanol, LPG vehicles. In addition, callow tariff will not be levied on agricultural vehicles such as. 

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