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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Application Form For Joining Provident Fund

Application Form For Joining Provident Fund

Worth reading the important letter regarding starting a GPF account

 Matter of closing the Contributory Provident Fund (CPF) account of the child welfare sector employee and allocating a new G.P.F number in the Direct Payment Branch (DP Cell) of the GPF Head Office to start a new G.P.F account.  Reference: - (1) Order No. Sasukha / CPD / Co / May / Pension 2060 31/4 of this office Instruction No. No. 2 (2) dated 6/7/2081 Letter No. of Accounting Officer Social Security Department, Gandhinagar: Sasukha  / D.P.  To inform the research on the subject of Branch / 2021-3 dated 07/4/2021 and reference 1, 2 Annexure that the employees of the institutions of child welfare sector mentioned in Schedule-A dated 3/6/2001 of this office with reference-1  Incorporated in regular pay scale before 1/3/2009 and are currently getting regular pay scale.  And the salary of such employees is Rs.  Cell, Branch Head Office, Gandhinagar.  These employees want to start in the ongoing Contributory Provident (CPF) scheme or join the pension scheme as per condition no. 3 of the order with reference-1.  In this regard, they were instructed to submit an option form.  Such option forms have not yet been received by this office by organizations or by you.  If these employees want to join the pension scheme of the state government, they should have the ocean form enclosed with the reference-1 order of this office prepared in 6 (six) copies, one copy in the head office, three copies in the head office, one copy in the district social security officer and one copy in the institution.  As per reference-3, the employees who offer the option to join the pension scheme have their CPF account deducted from the contribution of the employee and management till 30/7/2071.

 Account to be closed.  And out of this deposit, the employee has to be credited to the GPF account with deduction and the interest received on it till 30/7/2071.  And the amount of management contribution and interest earned on it is to be remitted to the management.  In this regard, from now on, the employees who have submitted the option form to join the GPF should submit the application form in 6 (six) copies in the prescribed form attached with it and the resolution number of the finance department: - DPP / 1099/496/945 (4) / P.  .23/6/2000 with general designated form kept in enclosure - 1 or - 2 which is applicable to the employee also prepared in 2 copies with three copies of each prepared institution wise files here with the signature of the District Social Security Officer and the head of the organization.  It is instructed to send all the files of the district to the CPD branch to Mr. NK Chavda, Probation Officer with the same employee at 1:00 pm on 1/4/2071.  From this letter, the CPF account of the employees who started in the first post office and now the employee contribution till 30/7/2071 and the balance of interest on it is to be transferred to GPF, now the money of each of these employees is deposited in the bank account.  Withdrawals are also given by this letter.  Therefore, a copy of this letter is submitted to the bank and instructions are given to make arrangements for withdrawal of funds.  The money withdrawn from CPF was to be deposited in GPF and the employee could not use it personally.  And this money will be withdrawn from CPF only when it is reported from here.  As this work is to be completed within the time limit, the letter and the enclosed sample are to be delivered to the institute immediately and the files are to be prepared and sent here within the time limit.  Will have to be calculated. 
સંપૂર્ણ પરીપત્ર વાંચો
 The general appointment form has to be xeroxed back and forth. It does not have to be prepared on a separate page.  This instruction does not apply to the employees appointed in the regular pay scale after 1/4/2009 to be included under NPS.  Enclosure: - 1. Sample of option form  General Appointment Form-1 For Employees With Family And Form Of 3- For Employees Without Family 3, Application Form For Joining Provident Fund

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