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Tuesday, 20 July 2021



The schools participating in the training will have to bring the report card of Gunotsav 4.0, the latest school development plan and the plan made by the school regarding their own quality improvement.  Training should be given with due consideration.

Hello friends first of all happy new year to all friends.The first semester could not start due to the corona epidemic.Kindergarden,primary school, upper primary school, secondary school, higher secondary school and college courses could not be done.The start of the second season is also unlikely to be due to the Corona epidemic. Schools were started in many states of India but schools and colleges were closed due to increasing cases of corona and teachers and children contracting corona. 
As the second session starts from 19/11/2020, just like the first session, in the second session also the program of home loan from the state government Shri GCERT and SSA has been started as per the routine. Friends today  You can get online education by clicking on the link below the Home Learning Program Std. 3 to 12 just like the first semester on Thursday. No child should be deprived of education by the State Government They are the best purpose of the State Government. Home Learning.

 Even the State Ministry of Education banks upon its expertise. The Council is committed to bringing about qualitative improvement in school education particularly Elementary Education, development of curriculum syllabi, instructional material and evaluation strategies to explore suitable solutions to educational challenges with the changing time. The GCERT has scaled a unique journey with experimentation from chalk to satellite, scaling an arduous terrain in the field of educational reforms.

programs for all students from Std. 1 to 12 are broadcast daily through DD Girnar and YouTube. In addition, Std. 9 10 11 and 12 Virtual classrooms are also run for the students so that the children are not deprived of education and can do their academic work nicely at home. Activity on Saturday The entire educational programAre transmitted. Whatsapp group per school and per class has been created for the teachers to convey the link of online education sent by the state government to the children due to which the teachers link gate Providing education through the link. The state government has not made any move to start primary schools for the corona vaccine until the corona is vaccinated. The home learning program is being especially helpful to children. In addition to the fact that children can do educational activities and programs at home, the curriculum for children is a continuous one.There can also be a continuous and comprehensive assessment so that the children can move on to the next year and so on.

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