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Friday, 27 August 2021

Latest circular from 1-9-2021 to make school time routine instead of morning

Latest circular from 1-9-2021 to make school time routine instead of morning

 Regarding the above subject and context, to state that according to the relevant letter, in all the primary schools under your jurisdiction run by the District Primary Education Officer in the districts and in the Municipalities and Corporations by the Govt.  Secretary.  (Primary and Secondary) As per the telephonic instruction received for education, the time of all primary schools was kept in the morning from  Now the government has asked to give the educational work of Std. 6 to 8 upper primary schools directly offline.  So that school time is now asked to be kept as usual from 01/05/201.  In addition, all primary schools under your jurisdiction are instructed to give necessary instructions from your level to fix the school time keeping in view the provisions of RTE-2009.

 Due to the increase in Covid-19 transition in the state, it was decided to keep the primary schools of the state closed till another country.  Subsequently, from the circular dated 18/09/2021 of this department under reference (2) for Std.  Direct education work has been resumed in phases for the classes of Std. 9 to 11.  In view of the present improving condition of Corona, the Government was considering the resumption of phased direct education in the field of primary education in the State with adequate vigilance.


 At the end of the adult deliberation, it is decided to resume the teaching work in all the primary schools of the board in the state for the classes of Std. 6 to 8 from Thursday 05/06/2021.  Pursuant to this decision, the school governing bodies of all the boards in the state, government, private and semi-primary schools, school and non-school staff as well as students will have to strictly follow the following instructions.

 (1), In all government / private and non-subsidized primary schools of all the boards of the state, from , for the students of Std.  That is, it would be a love for the student to attend the offline education in a materially direct manner and for that the concerned institution / primary school should follow the sample attached herewith.

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Online it nakarya-1 by the school for the students who cannot join the physical animal in the class.  The curving of me will have to continue.  The school will be calling only the students studying in Std. 6 to 8 in the primary linen division.  Within the capacity limit of 50% of the number of students in the classrooms, students will have to be called for classroom education as per alternate day and adequate social distancing between any two students at the classrooms school complex will be maintained indefinitely.  In addition, proper classification should be done in the classrooms / school complex and the necessary arrangement of handshake / rosation should be maintained in the research of the institution.

 (3) The head teacher of the school will be the Taluka Primary Education Officer / Principal Shri Radh to decide on the type of educational arrangement for which subject course with the help of. Inside and outside the school complex, students, teachers as well as other staff will be required to wear proper masks for all , with reference to COVID19.

 Behavior I must abide by.  In this matter, all the smelly dharnak radhikars will have to take adequate vigilance and care in case any student with any disease or symptom enters the school complex by speed monitoring.  P will have to plan for the arrival and departure of non-students as well as my parents and students of  not to gather at the same place.

 (3) Any student, christ member or any person who has lived in the cont zone or whose family has done any of the Korota conformity shall be prohibited from entering the Jnala complex.  If a school is in the statement zone area, the school should be closed.  (Density digging of relevant persons such as Head Teachers, Teachers, Parents, Students, SMC Honors, etc. Gujarat Educational Research and Intensive  GCERT)  .  

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