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Friday, 10 September 2021

Educational News

Educational News

There are many methods and techniques to make teaching - learning process enjoyable and interesting. One of them is using game. Picture puzzle is an interesting game. There are 80 Levels in this game and these level will be updated up to 200 levels. The user should fill up alphabets in to blank space and create meaningful word for the picture display on mobile device.


Important readable news about children who came to standard II in the Corona era.

Recreate a crossword with jigsaw pieces. The letters on the pieces help you complete the puzzle. Easy to use interface, drag and drop puzzle pieces across the screen.
Play with an English word list or choose one of 23 other languages.

Play an unlimited number of different puzzles!!
• Multiple difficulty options. Play one of 10 built in difficulty levels, or use the advanced mode to configure the difficulty just as you want.
• Four different sizes of puzzle piece are possible.
• Pieces can start outside the grid (classic version), or all are randomly placed on the grid and are then swapped to find the solution (ideal for smaller screens).

During the game, you can request a random puzzle piece to be placed into its correct position.
4) You can ask the game if a selected puzzle piece is in the correct position.



Each game is assigned a difficulty level from 0 (easy) to 9 (very hard). The difficulty level is determined by the settings. Each difficulty level maintains the high scores (measured by fastest time to complete the game). The game displays the best 20 scores for each difficulty level.

Compare your high scores with others around the world by using Google Play's "Game Services".

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