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Thursday, 24 February 2022

Although the color of blood is red, why are there different blood groups? Learn how blood group is determined

Although the color of blood is red, why are there different blood groups?  Learn how blood group is determined

The nature of all human beings is different.  Habits are different and hobbies are also different.  Similarly, the blood type of human beings also varies.  There is a very important reason behind this.  Usually if you look at the blood of any man it is red.  But if someone asks what is this blood group, you will get confused.  Why don't you know about his blood group by looking at his blood?  All types of blood look alike but differ in blood type when examined.  If any man goes to the hospital, the doctor first asks what is your blood type.  Have you ever wondered why people have different blood groups?  What is the reason behind this?

Why are blood groups different:
 Do you know your blood type, otherwise you can easily go to any nearby pathology lab and get checked.  But you can't find out in any lab why blood groups are different.  And what are its advantages.  There are 8 main types of blood groups.  Only blood of the same group can be exchanged.

 When was the first blood group discovered:
 If you know the blood group, everything from treatment to work is very easy.  So various discoveries were made to know the blood group of man.  The first blood group information was obtained in 1908.  Since then there have been many interesting stories about blood group.

Which blood group is rare:
 Different types of blood groups do not look the same.  A positive and O positive blood groups are common at many distances.  These two blood groups are found in about 70% of men.  While AB negative blood group is considered very rare.  One out of every 100 of these blood groups is found.  That is why there is a lot of trouble when such blood is needed.

બ્લડ ગ્રુપ કેવી રીતે નક્કી થાય છે તે અહીં થી વાંચો

Found some new groups that shocked everyone:

 In addition to the general blood group, some blood groups have been discovered that do not match with any other group.  The same was seen in one person in Gujarat.  Which is different from all the blood groups so far.  There have been more than 12 blood groups in the world so far that do not match anyone.  So it is impossible to meet such people if they need blood.

 How to determine blood type:

 Four types of blood, A, B, AB and O, are determined based on the presence or absence of sugar-based antigens A and GN in red blood cells.  An antibody is a particle made up of proteins that can resist certain substances.  These particles are in the blood plasma.  Antigen means particles that can generate such antibodies in the body.  It is on the surface of red blood cells.  Blood type is determined by the arrangement of different antigens and antibodies in each person.  This system of determining blood group is called ABO system.


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