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Monday, 25 April 2022

Matter of registration on Vidyanjali portal under Vidyanjali program.

Matter of registration on Vidyanjali portal under Vidyanjali program.

Subject- Matter of registration on Vidyanjali portal under Vidyanjali program.

 Vidyanjali is a special initiative by the Ministry of Education, Government of India to develop schools across the country through the Vidyanjali program in association with the school community and the private sector.  The Vidyanjali program will connect schools with various volunteers such as young professionals, school alumni and retired teachers, government officials / professionals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and all others.

 A portal has been prepared by the Ministry of Education, Government of India for the implementation of this program.  The portal can be accessed through the website  The school will have to register itself on the Vidyanjali portal along with its primary information.  After registration, the school will have to post a request with details of service / activity or assets material resources for the required external co-operation.  Volunteers who are registered on the portal.  They will show their interest on the service / activity or assets content device request portal based on the request post. Volunteer will be authorized by the school to participate in the service activity or assets content equipment.

 The service under the Vidyanjali program i.e. Yoga, Art & Craft, Vocational Education, Language Education, Assistance to Children with Special Needs, Request Post for help in preparation like Competitive Exams.

In addition to counselors and special educators, counselors for mental health and well-being to participate in sports and cultural programs, sponsorship for matters such as health and hygiene resources, self-defense training for girls, etc.  As well as be able to post requests for a variety of resources.

 At the district level, for the implementation of the program as well as effective management, the Deputy District Education Officer will have to handle the work as the District Nodal Officer, the login details for the district will be made available by the State Office.  It will be seen that all the schools of the district are registered on the portal.  For more information, please visit the portal with USER MANUAL.  This is accompanied by a guide to the program.

 Considering the above matter, all government and grant aided primary and

 Contribution as well as services for secondary schools to register on the Vidhajali portal

 Instructed to carry out the necessary procedure as per the guidelines attached to this


 The new education policy seeks to transform all levels of education in India through the active participation of society as well as the private sector in achieving its goals and objectives.  Department of School Education and Literacy of the Ministry of Education Vidyanjali web portal with revisions;  Launched.  New Vidyajali Portal

 Social volunteers in government and government aided schools of their choice and their knowledge

 To be directly contacted and to contribute in the form of skills as well as wealth content tools

 Will help connect, based on interest from volunteer / contributor, school authority service activity

 And or the process outlined in this guide for the specification of assets content

 The volunteer will evaluate the eligibility of the contributor accordingly.  Attached is a detailed guide for learning web portals.  This guide provides detailed information on categories for contributions, methods, role of schools, role of volunteers, role of nodal officers, code of conduct, special guidelines for States / UTs and autonomous bodies as well as termination of services.  In addition, the list of categories for contribution to services activity and contribution of property materials / equipment is Appendix-1 and Appendix-1 respectively.  Also involved with this.  In addition school, district and regional nodal officers and volunteers

💥🌀🌐 વિદ્યાજંલી પોર્ટલ પર રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરવા બાબત

Vidyanajali Portal School Registration


Volunteer Registration :- CLICK HERE


 You can also get the detailed user manual for the work to be done from the portal. After studying the above mentioned guidelines, appendix and user manual, all the government and grant aided schools in your district can immediately register on Vidyajali web portal and start using the portal.  Is requested.

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