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Friday, 29 July 2022

8 reasons why you should avoid golgappas in rainy season

8 reasons why you should avoid golgappas in stormy season 

1 Be careful while eating golgappas! 

There's hardly anyone who doesn't love the mouth- soddening golgappas, filled with riddle constituents that burst in the mouth, performing in a state of unmatched swoon! But there are some bitter data about India’s favorite road food, which must be kept in mind while smelling into those bitsy balls of delight. 


02 Harbouring bacteria 

It's dangerous to have golgappas particularly in summer and showers as these are the seasons consucive to bacterial growth in food particulars. 


3 Loaded with trans-fat 

merchandisers deep shindig the golgappa puris in oil painting which isn't just of poor quality but also a source of trans fats as it'sre-used, therefore adding the threat of heart conditions. 


4 Undressed water 

utmost road merchandisers use unpurified water in making the golgappa pani which poses serious health threat. 


5 Dirty way of serving 

While utmost merchandisers have now started using plastic gloves, there are numerous who still use bare hands in serving golgappas. Those who use plastic gloves might also be reusing them without washing. Hence, it's judicious to have them only from aseptic places. 


Stale ingredients

The boiled potatoes and chickpeas used in making golgappas might be banal or reused, this making you ill. 


7 Poor quality spices 

utmost road merchandisers use cheap spices that might be thinned, therefore posing health threat to the consumer. 


8 Unhealthy storage 

Food particulars, including the gravies and chutneys might not be stored in food grade plastic and take- aways are substantially packed in unhygenic journals. 


9 Unclean Location 

The sheer position of the golgappa booths right in the middle of the road, amidst dust and canvases might be a reason why you must avoid them. 

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