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Friday, 29 July 2022

TikTok to return to India, ByteDance looking to partner with Indian company

TikTok parent ByteDance is looking to re-up India, may mate with Mumbai's Hiranandani Group 

  • TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is reportedly looking to re-up India. 
  • The company is looking to mate with a original establishment to re-up the country. 
  • ByteDance is reportedly in addresses with Mumbai’s garden major Hiranandani Group. 


Chinese videotape sharing app TikTok was banned along with 58 other apps similar as UC Browser, Shein and further nearly two times ago over public security enterprises. TikTok is now looking to re-up India andre-hire its former workers. 


According to an Economic Times report, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is reportedly looking to re-up India. The company reportedly wants to enter India by joining forces with a domestic establishment with an intention to avoid the government’s scrutiny. 


ByteDance had shut operations in 2021, nearly a time after being banned in India. The company is now reportedly in addresses with Mumbai’s garden major Hiranandani Group to strike a cooperation. 

The Hiranandani Group runs data centre operations under the Yotta structure results and lately launched Tez Platforms, a technology- led consumer services platform. The company is looking to invest INR,500 crore in the coming two times in its rearmost adventure. 


While the addresses are at a incipient stage, the company isn't looking to ruffle any feathers and has informally informed the central government about its intentions of dropping out India with a original mate. 

“ There have been no formal addresses with the us yet. But we've been informed of the plans. As and when they come to us for blessings, we will examine their request, ” a elderly government functionary familiar with the matter told ET. 


It’s not clear if ByteDance is looking to mate with the Hiranandani Group’s new adventure Tez Platforms or is hoping to store its data in the Yotta structure results ’ data centres. Storing stoner data locally has been one of the major demands of the government. 

“ Severe stoner data should not be stored outside India. All apps and websites have either made vittles to store data locally or are making necessary changes to their data storehouse and processing policies.However, they will have to follow these morals, ” an functionary familiar with the matter told ET, If they( Tiktok) come back. 


While officers in the government have verified that they've been informed about ByteDance’s plans, TikTok isn't attesting its plans. The company informed ET that while the company is hopeful about continuing operations, it had no plans to renew operations in India, as of now. 

India was one of the biggest requests for TikTok and the company employed over,000 people in the country during its peak. While utmost of these workers have been let go, some of the workers were handed other liabilities. 

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