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Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Homemade PalakPaneer Recipe How to make it

Palak Paneer Recipe 

Recipe Variants 


Palak Paneer is one of those dishes that can indeed turn a boring weekday mess into commodity to look forward to, especially if you love paneer! gobbets of soft cabin rubbish, coddled in a mildly spiced, delicate spinach puree, offers a great balance of taste and texture. This nutritional dish is also one of the stylish ways to make kiddies eat their share of lush flora without a fuss! 




Step 1 

Prepare constituents as mentioned in the list. 


Step 2 

Boil the spinach in 1 mug of water till the leaves are wilted. Drain the water and grind the spinach leaves into a fine paste. Keep it away 


Step 3 

Heat oil painting in a karahi, add cumin seeds and when they expectorate add diced onions and shindig till golden brown. Add gusto garlic paste and shindig for 5 twinkles. Now add the tomatoes and sauté till soft. 


Step 4 

Add green chillies, turmeric greasepaint and red chilli greasepaint. Shindig for a nanosecond, till the masalas are well mixed. 


Step 5 

Add pureed spinach and the remaining 1 mug of water and MAGGI Masala ae Magic. Mix well, cover and cook for a nanosecond on low honey. Add the paneer pieces, mix well and poach for 5 twinkles. Add swab to taste. 


Step 6 

Garnish the dish with gusto juliennes. Serve hot 

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