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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Maruti Suzuki electric car with 500 km range to be launched in India in 2025!

Maruti Suzuki electric cars with 500 km range to be launched in India in 2025! 

The first electric cars of Maruti Suzuki will be launched in 2025, which has been verified by the president of MSI( Maruti Suzuki India). For some time, enterprises were being made in media reports that Maruti Suzuki is developing an electric vehicle in collaboration with Toyota. Indeed the specifications of this electric cars from the forthcoming Maruti Suzuki/ Toyota have also been blurted online. The company’s president has also verified that the forthcoming Maruti Suzuki electric cars will bring further than Rs 10 lakh. At this price, this cars  will contend with the Tata Nexon EV in India, which is the best- dealing electric cars in the country. 

One given to TOI Interview RC Bhargava, president of Maruti Suzuki India, told that the company will hit the roads in 2025 with its first electric vehicle. The model will enter the product stage from 2024- 25 and will be manufactured at the company’s installation in Gujarat. 


Bhargava further informed that the carmaker is planning to expand its product installation in the coming times. The company will set up two new manufacturing shops at IMT Kharkhoda in Haryana’s Sonepat with an investment of Rs,000 crore in the first phase, of which the first unit will be set up by 2025 and the alternate a time latterly. 

Keeping the specifications or the name behind the scenes, Bhargava also told the publication that this first electric cars from Maruti Suzuki will bring further than Rs 10 lakh, as EV technology and batteries are precious. At this price, this cars will contend with the Tata Nexon EV. He also told that the company has been testing this new EV for a long time. 

before this media report It has formerly been claimed that Maruti Suzuki’s electric cars won't be a compact,sub-4 cadence cars , rather it'll be a4.2- metre long SUV. It's being developed in collaboration with Toyota. piecemeal from this, it has also been claimed that this forthcoming electric cars will be launched in both two- wheel drive and all- wheel drive options, with the base model likely to come with a 138hp power- generating motor and 48kWh capacity battery pack.. It's estimated that with this configuration, the cars could be suitable to achieve a range of around 400 km. 


On the other hand, the each- wheel drive variant may come with two electric motor setups, which will reportedly be able of producing a total power of 170hp. In addition, this variant will pack a 59kWh capacity battery and this configuration could be able of delivering a range of around 500 km. 


Still, it seems a bit delicate to get similar specifications at a price around Rs 10. It may be that the vehicle with the claimed specification is any other decoration electric cars from Maruti Suzuki/ Toyota. 

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