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Saturday, 13 August 2022

No need to block, hide your DP and Last Seen like this on WhatsApp

No need to block, hide your DP and Last Seen like this on WhatsApp 

We've a lot of information available about WhatsApp instant messaging operation. The Display Image( DP) shows our print, so Last Seen shows the last time we opened the app. We don't feel comfortable participating this particular information with everyone. 

In such a situation, occasionally it's necessary to block or cancel those figures from the contact list, from which we want to hide DP and Last Seen. But the point that arrived a many days agone from WhatsApp has been put an end to this problem. You can now hide your profile picture and last seen from anyone by changing WhatsApp settings. 

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Hide the profile picture or last seen of the contact like this 


Step 1 Open your WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone. 


Step 2 Click on the three- fleck option. 


Step 3 Go to Settings> Account> sequestration> Profile Picture. 


Step 4 Now elect “ except My Connections ” and elect the connections whose profile picture you want to hide. 


Also, you also have the option to count My Connections for the rearmost scene. 

Also, druggies can also hide their “ About ” from the named contact. 

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