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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Scan any document into phone using Google Drive and App, work will be easy

Scan any document into phone using Google Drive and App, work will be easy

Many people keep documents on the Google Drive app. You can also use the ‘ Cam Scanner ’ app from the Play Store 


Documents like Aadhar card, ID card, score distanceetc. can be fluently scrutinized like a computer. 


Then you'll be suitable to check out the scrutinized document while sitting at home on the computer. 

New Delhi. We keep numerous documents in the mobile phone. A train is constituted by taking photos of certain documents, certain documents are scrutinized andkept.However, then know how you can fluently overlook documents and partake them with anyone, If you do n’t know how to overlook documents in phone. 


 There are 2 main ways to overlook a document into the phone. You can do it through Google Drive, second, you can also overlook any document through any app on Android Play Store. 

checkup a document from google drive 


1- Open the Google Drive app. 

2- A ‘+’ subscribe will be visible there, click on it. 

3- Then you'll see 6 options from which you click on the ‘ overlook ’ option. 

4- Now overlook the document you want to overlook. You can acclimate the document after surveying. 

5- Try this time, do n’t use mobile flash. 

6- After surveying the document, click on the ‘ √ ’ sign. 

7- also save it in your drive. 

8- After clicking the “ + ” subscribe in the operation, you can save multiple documents at formerly. 


Documents can also be scrutinized in this way into the phone 


Besides Google Drive, you can be also use “ CamScanner Application”. With this, you can be also save any document in the PDF format. 


Then, scrutinized documents can also be stored on the ‘ cam scanner’ pall. You can use them latterly. 


You can fluently overlook any of your documents like Aadhar card, ID card, mark distance etc. like a computer. 

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