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Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Be alert from now on: People of this blood group are most at risk of stroke

Be alert from now on: People of this blood group are most at risk of stroke

New Delhi( EMS). lately, a exploration has been done in which it has been told that people with which blood group are more prone to stroke. 

still, also you need to be careful and ameliorate your life, If your blood group is also mentioned in the exploration. According to the information, experimenters say that the threat of stroke can be caught on from the blood group of any person. American experimenters reviewed exploration into the genetics of stroke and ischemic stroke( the most common type of stroke). Ischemic stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks the force of blood and oxygen to the brain. It's the most common type of stroke, affecting 9 out of every 10 cases. Blood clots generally form in areas where highways constrict over time. 

Scientists set up that people with blood group A had a 16 percent advanced threat of stroke before age 60 than people with all other blood groups. Along with blood group, gender, weight and other factors are also responsible. In addition, people with type B blood group had a slightly advanced threat of stroke but those with blood group O had the smallest threat. For some blood groups, this threat was minor and people shouldn't worry about it, the experimenters said. 


According to the study, the University of Maryland platoon examined the health of 7 thousand stroke cases and 6 lakh people involved in different exploration. They set up that people with type O blood were 12 percent less likely to have a stroke before the age of 60, while blood groups with types B and AB had no effect. 

The exploration also said that in people with type A blood group, one out of every 16 cases of stroke can be attributed to their blood alone. Researchco-investigator and professor of neurology, Dr. According to Steven Kittner, ‘ Early stroke symptoms are being seen in people. People are more likely to die due to stroke and those who are surviving are seeing disability. We still do n’t know why blood type A has a advanced threat. According toDr. Claire Jonas, supereminent exploration communication and engagement at the charity Stroke Association, the new study was a good step forward in understanding the inheritable threat of stroke. 

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