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Friday, 30 September 2022

Buy Solar Sensor CCTV Light in just a few rupees, you can control it with remote and smartphone

Buy Solar Sensor CCTV Light in just a many rupees, you can control it with remote and smartphone 


The cost of Solar Sensor CCTV( CCTV) Light is just Rs 799. 

You can buy it online from Amazon and also offline. 


It doesn't bear electricity to run. Control with remote. 


New Delhi The use of CCTV cameras is seen nearly far and wide in moment’s time. Indeed after an incident has happed, CCTV cameras and recorded footage from it give information about who the malefactor may be. There are different sizes of CCTV cameras available in the request which include wired, wireless and WiFi cameras. It requires electricity to run. Have you ever heard about Solar Sensor CCTV Camera? 

Solar detector CCTV light doesn't bear electricity to operate. There's also a separate light available in it which is charged by sun. It can also be controlled with remote and smartphone. 


where to buy solar sensor cctv light


There's no need to go anywhere to buy Solar Sensor CCTV Light. You can buy it online from Amazon. It's also available offline. Its price is veritably less as compared to other CCTV lights. To buy it, only Rs 799 will have to be paid. There's no need to call a separate handy person to install this Solar Detector CCTV Light. Any person can put it outside the house by himself by making two holes in the wall. 

This is the specialty of solar sensor cctv light


This is a solar detector light which also works as a CCTV. By the way, there's no camera present in it. But whenever a person passes by it, it reacts like a CCTV camera. The way the red light of a CCTV camera becks, its light also blinks in the same way. In such a situation, the person passing by feels that he's under the surveillance of CCTV camera and can do no wrong. 

where can you use it


This solar detector CCTV light can be used in the place where you don't have to come daily. It can be planted outside the house, outside the ranch house, in the theater or inside the house. On one hand it'll work as light in the dark, while on the other hand also a CCTV. It's also called Fake CCTV Camera. It's veritably easy to control it with remote. The remote has three modes( Mode1, Mode2, Mode3) and the option to turn on and off with the SOS button. 

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