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Monday, 26 September 2022

Despite having money in the account, you will not be able to do transactions with Google Pay, whether it is your mistake or not.

Despite having plutocrat in the account, you won't be suitable to do deals with Google Pay, whether it's your mistake or not. 


  • Special care has to be taken while transferring plutocrat on Google Pay 
  • Transaction can stop indeed though there's plutocrat in the account 
  • generally this problem occurs due to the fault of the druggies. 

New Delhi. Through Google Pay, you can pay while buying groceries to buses and motorcycles. This is a veritably easy and fast platform of payment, which is continuously adding in use and is in trend. With the help of Google Pay, you can transfer plutocrat directly through your account, although it has been seen for the last many months that it suddenly stops while making the payment and after that indeed however there's plutocrat in the account, you can not make the payment. suitable to do There's a lot of confusion among Google Payments druggies about why this is happening. However, you haven't been suitable to make Google payments, also moment we're going to tell you why this is passing and what's the reason behind it, If it has happed to you that indeed after having plutocrat in the account. 

Transaction limit is the reason


Let us tell you that if your payment suddenly starts failing during Google Pay, also understand that you have exhausted the sale limit. There's a limited sale limit in 1 day, which is formerly exceeded, also you can start payment from the coming day itself. Google has now put this restriction on its payment app, after which you'll now be suitable to make limited payments only. 

What is the transaction limit

Let us tell you that the single day sale limit has now been decided on Google Pay. Google druggies must know that now one te quantum can be transferred only for a many attempts. However, also this quantum will go down fluently but if the quantum is further than this also the payment will fail, If you shoot one lakh rupees in 1 day from Google. You can do only 10 deals in a day. However, the sale will fail, If you try to do further deals than this. Talk about the same request, also you can not request further than ₹ 2000 in 1 day. In such a situation, if this limit is crossed, indeed if you have plutocrat in your account, you won't be suitable to do the sale and you may have problems. In such a situation, take care of the sale limit and sale quantum limit so that you don't face any kind of problem at the time of need. 

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