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Saturday, 24 September 2022

Electric cars fail in front of this solar car, giving a range of 1,600 km on full charge

Electric cars fail in front of this solar car, giving a range of 1,600 km on full charge 

It's a solar car so it can be charged by sun indeed when there's no electricity. With only sun, it can charge to run for 64 kilometers in a day. If you drive this car lower than 64 kms also you'll noway need to charge it. 

Solar panels are installed on the external structure of this car , so that it keeps charging throughout the day in the sun. Not only this, this car charges indeed while walking on the road. It gets 700W charge from solar power only. Talk about the battery and motor of this car , also a important motor of 150 kWh has been installed in it. The car motor gives this car enough power to drive on different types of roads. 

This car has been given an aerodynamic shape so that it's suitable to reduce the pressure of the air coming on it. The bus of the car are covered to reduce the air pressure. The car has been designed in such a way that it doesn't face any problem in cooling. Inside this car has been given a seat for two people and two doors that open overhead. 


At present, the company has fixed the price of this solar car at$ 25900( about Rs 21 lakh). The company has formerly started reserving for dealing it in transnational requests. It can be reserved on the company’s website. 

Let us tell you that Aptera had raised plutocrat from crowdfunding to develop this car . The company introduced the first prototype model of this car in the time 2019. still, due to lack of finances, the company completed the design in 2021. This solar car from Aptera is inspired by the company’s first solar car ‘ Aptera 2 Series ’, which is a two- seater car with three bus. This car gave a range of 120 long hauls on a full charge. 

The company has entered bookings of further than 15,000 units of this car till December 2021 and 8,000 investors have also joined to take the company’s design forward. The company is also setting up a mega factory in the US to start product of its solar car 


Talking about electric cars with the loftiest range, at present, the Tesla Model S Long Range is among the cars with the loftiest range with a range of 650 km. Whereas Lucid Air has a range of around 850 kms. 

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