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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Fun hacks to keep your gadgets safe during monsoon

Fun hacks to keep your widgets safe during thunderstorm 

Monsoon has knocked in India, only also there's humidity in the air. Although any device can be damaged by water in any season, but its chances increase multifarious during the stormy season. 

A little imagine this. You're out for work with your essential widgets in your pack but suddenly you see that the sky is covered with dark shadows, reminding you that you aren't ready for this rain which Your essential widgets are about to suffer. 


But now do n’t worry too important because, then we're going to partake with you some easy ways that will help you understand how you can keep your widgets safe from water in thunderstorm. So let’s share funny hacks with you without detention. 

Ziplock Pouches


The first and stylish way to keep your widgets safe from water during thunderstorm is to keep them in an watertight ziplock poke or leak proof bag. The leakproof ziplock sacks are available in all sizes to store smartphones, wristbands, tablets, etc. It's the stylish to cover your precious widgets from the thunderstorm rains or water in your pack. piecemeal from this, it's also touch-friendly and fund friendly. 

Waterproof Laptop And Tablet Covers


A leakproof cover or bag is also available for tablets, laptops and other large sized widgets. Some of these are dust resistant and shockproof as well. They're available in colorful sizes and colours. You can get a slim professional laptop cover made of leakproof oil fabric or you can conclude for amulti-layered polyester fabric sleeve bag. Also available is a leakproof laptop pack with shoulder strips that can be fluently carried anywhere. 

Use Pattern Lock Instead Of Biometric Locks

 It's possible that your phone fails to fete your point when the phone is placed in a ziplock bag because at times your hands are wet. In this case, you can use the Leg or Pattern cinch option to pierce your phone fluently. 

Waterproof Wrist Band Covers


utmost smartwatches are formerly water and dust resistant. still, it's still better to be careful from our side. There's a leakproof wristband cover among colorful smartwatch accessories available in the request. You can use these to keep your smartwatch safe from any water damage during showers. These are generally made of silicone and are featherlight, comfortable and durable. You can also choose from multiple colors and wear a different one every day. 

Unplug Everything

Still, the first thing you should do is remove all electronics, If your home is at threat of flooding or waterlogging. 

Will have to open. 

Cut off power to computers, game consoles, phone dishes, kitchen appliances, swell defenders, and everything differently. This reduces the chances of a current running through the water and keeps you safe. 

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