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Friday, 30 September 2022

In Russia will create a robot “Marker-2”

In Russia will produce a robot “ Marker- 2 ” 

The Russian promising robotic platform “ Marker ” will be perfected for new tasks, while a interpretation will be created “ stoned ” for the tasks of a special operation in Ukraine. 

“ The Marker design will be further developed. Despite the fact that the mass and confines of the platform will remain the same as those of the formerly assembled samples, their functionality and capabilities will be significantly expanded. The tentative “ Marker- 2 ” will be aimed at at least three tasks protection, elimination of the consequences of extremities( ES), and conducting supplementary work in combat conditions, taking into account the requirements of the colors linked during the current special operation, ” the RIA Novosti source said. 


presently, a hunt is underway for an enterprise with the help of which it'll be possible to realize the design. The munitions systems that will be installed on Marker- 2 are also named. The robot will be designed both to perform work both in civic conditions and in the frontal zone. 

Three “ Labels ” have formerly been handed over to the specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who are now conforming robots for the tasks of liquidation and forestallment of exigency situations, including extinguishing fires of colorful types and complexity. 


before, Evgeny Dudorov, administrative director of the Marker inventor, said that this robot aroused the interest of Roskosmos, the Russian Guard and Russian Railroads. The robot was developed as part of a design by the Advanced Research Foundation. The platform has a mass of about three tons, can be equipped with colorful munitions. The development has the most advanced independent movement chops in Russia with object recognition grounded on artificial intelligence technologies. The autonomy of the platform is assured by a modular multispectral vision system, data processing in which is carried out by neural network algorithms. 

In three times, crucial technologies were created, as well as two wheeled and three tracked independent platforms equipped with a unified cargo module and an unmanned upstanding vehicle cluster launch module. 


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