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Saturday, 10 September 2022

International Travel Awards, what is the International Travel Awards, which will be awarded to West Bengal

International Travel Awards, what's the International Travel Awards, which will be awarded to West Bengal

International Travel Awards West Bengal has been awarded the International Travel Awards 2023 for Stylish Destination for Culture by Pacific Area peregrination pens Association( PATWA), an related member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization( UMWTO). The award will be presented at the World Tourism and Aviation Leaders Summit in Berlin, Germany on 9 March 2023. For the alternate time in a row, the World peregrination Awards have named the Republic of Cuba as the Caribbean's Leading Culture Destination for 2022. still, you can download our General AwarenessE-Book


If you're preparing for competitive examinations and looking for expert guidance. Let's know what's PATAWA, know about it in detail


Pacific Area Travel pens Association Patwa is a professional trip pen association established in 1998. It collaborates with the public and private sectors to encourage sustainable development and to ameliorate and enhance the quality of trip and tourism. Patwa upholds the abecedarian principles of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO, the United Nations UNWTO.


about the awards


The International Travel Award is one of the most prestigious awards that recognizes businessmen for their work in the field of trip, tourism and hospitality.

The internationally honored and prestigious scheme ensures that trip destinations that exceed prospects in every way are awarded and recognized for their donation to the trip assiduity.


About International Travel Awards


The International Travel Awards is hosted and managed by Golden Tree Event Organizing and Management Dubai UAE. It focuses on all the businesses involved in the field in traveling around the world.


From hospices to tourism board lodestones to travel companies and further, the awards serve to fete excellence within each assiduity. Represent establishments that are the stylish in the world. 

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