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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

No, the Apple Watch Ultra is not a copy of the iPhone 14. The repairability of the watch is not up to par

No, the Apple Watch Ultra isn't a dupe of the iPhone 14. The order of the watch isn't over to par 

iFixit specialists disassembled the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch. They didn't rate the maintainability, but the review makes it clear that after the iPhone 14, they anticipated more from the new product. 

Despite the presence of screws and the ease of removing the reverse cover, incontinently after that there's the first problem. Apple uses a thin rubber gasket to apply increased water resistance, and replacing it'll be extremely delicate. But also, as we're moment seenthe watch is indeed suitable to repel diving to a depth of further than 40 measures. 


In addition, it'll be veritably delicate to strike the screen without damaging it. Then and patient cement, and the wrong angle of prying. 

And the nethermost line is that it's the screen that needs to be disassembled in order to get to the battery. As a result, Watch Ultra disappointed iFixit specialists, but judging by the review, the watch is no worse than former generations in terms of maintainability. 

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