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Monday, 12 September 2022

Telegram's Gradient Wallpaper feature, will create animated background in 2 minutes, know how to use

Telegram's grade Wallpaper point, will produce animated background in 2 twinkles, know how to use

To ameliorate the stoner experience on the messaging app Telegram, the grade wallpaper point is available. This point works like an animated background. It's veritably easy to use.


New Delhi. In the age of the Internet, indeed though WhatsApp remains the king as a messaging app, there's no deficit of challengers in the request. Where WhatsApp tries to bring commodity new, Telegram, which is contending in the Indian request, has also upgraded itself over time. In such a situation, Telegram is also not before in gaining fashionability among druggies.


Telegram has left no gravestone unturned to make the stoner experience on the app indeed further fun. It has introduced the grade Wallpaper point to ameliorate the stoner interface. These grade wallpapers run like vitality in the background. The company claims that Telegram was the first messaging app to introduce animated backgrounds. You can use this point as an animated background according to you. You can also partake it with family and musketeers.


After enabling animated background, the background will keep changing with everymessage.However, also we will tell you the complete companion on how to spark this point, If you also want to use this point.


How to use

-         First of all, modernize the Telegram app in the smartphone.

-        In the streamlined app, elect Settings by tapping on the 3rd line shown in the top left side.

Tap on Chat Settings. Then you have to click on Change Chat background.

As soon as you tap, you'll get the option to elect the background wallpaper.

After opting the wallpaper, set background.

It's worth noting that this point only supports grade Wallpapers vitality.

If this happens also there will be amped background

– It's important to mention then that if the wallpaper isn't going to support vitality, also you'll get two options blurred and stir at the time of exercise.

still, also understand that it supports the wallpaper vitality point, If you see the option of color and pattern in the exercise.


In this way you can spark the animated point in your Telegram app. 

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