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Friday, 16 September 2022

What are the main functions of potassium in the human body?

What are the main functions of potassium in the mortal body? 

Potassium regulates several crucial processes in the mortal body. 

Hence, it’s recommended to eat a potassium-rich diet every day. 


Below, we’ve bandied the main functions it has in your body. 

Potassium is an important nutrient that the mortal body needs to survive. It functions as an electrolyte and is the third most abundant mineral in your body. It’s naturally set up in several foods including banana, broccoli, spinach, potato, mushroom, lush flora, pumpkin, cucumber, apricot, pare, orange, tomato, and more. 


As exploration has set up, this mineral plays a significant part in several fleshly functions, which further keep you active. 

It maintains fluid balance

Potassium is the main electrolyte in your body’s intracellular fluid( ICF) – a substance located inside the body’s cells. Hence, it helps regulate the quantum of water inside the cells, which is farther essential for all of the functions in your body. A potassium insufficiency can beget dehumidification and also numerous other issues. 

It regulates blood pressure levels

Research has set up that potassium helps remove redundant sodium from the body. Also, it dilates blood vessels, which further helps regulate your body’s blood pressure situations. It also restricts strain on the heart, abetting in your cardiovascular functions. Eating a potassium-rich diet is linked to a lower threat of several heart issues. 

It supports bone health

Potassium significantly reduces the loss of calcium( which is essential for maintaining healthy bones) in your body. It improves bone mineral viscosity and also neutralizes bone- depleting metabolic acids in your body. also, it increases bone strength and reduces your threat of numerous bone- related issues( especially osteoporosis) in the long run. 

It helps prevent kidney stones

Potassium, as studies have set up, helps balance the content of calcium and oxalate in your body. Hence, it significantly reduces your threat of developing calcium oxalate order monuments. A study has set up that people who eat a potassium-rich diet daily are at a 51 lower threat of order monuments. 

It aids in the functioning of the nervous system

Potassium helps induce the electrical eventuality that further allows the conduction of your whim-whams impulses. Also, it helps your brain cells to communicate with each other, which is largely essential to managing the overall functioning of your nervous system. Hence, people floundering withnervous diseases are recommended to maintain a diet rich in potassium. 

Either, potassium also boosts energy situations, regulates muscle compression, controls blood sugar situations,etc. 

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