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Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Windows 11 Tips: Forgot Password, Reset it like this, it is also easy to change

Windows 11 Tips Forgot word, Reset it like this, it's also easy to change 

Windows 11 word Change Windows 11 gives its druggies several login options, including facial unlock, windows hello, point scanner, or picture word option. Although it's easy to login to Windows 11, but it becomes delicate when we've to partake our PC with a room mate or friend. This is because we save all kinds of documents in PC, and also there's little fear in participating PC with anyone. The good thing is that with Windows 11, Microsoft has made this problem readily too. 

Yes, Microsoft has simplified the way for druggies to reset the word. So if you have forgotten your word or want to change it if you have participated it with someone, also we're telling you the complete system then. 


Step 1- Click on Start Menu. 

Step 2- Now go to the Settings app, and also tap on Account. 

Step 3 Now you have to go to the subscribe- in option. 

Step 4 Below the word option, you have to tap on the Change button. 

Step 5 Follow the on- screen instructions, and you ’re done. 

If you have forgotten the password, then follow this method…

Step 1 After entering the wrong word, elect the word reset link on the sign- inscreen.However, see Leg sign- in issues, If you use a Leg rather. 

Step 2 Answer your security questions. 

Step 3 Now enter the new word. 

Step 4 We can fluently subscribe- in with the new word. 

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