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Thursday, 13 October 2022

Google and Intel have developed a new chip for data centers

Google and Intel have developed a new chip for data centers 

Intel and Google Cloud have released a concertedly developed chip that will ameliorate the security and effectiveness of data centers. It's called the E2000 and is codenamed Mount Evans. 

Its development began in 2021. The system is a coprocessor for data processing, also known as DPU( Data Processing Unit). At Intel, it's frequently appertained to as the IPU( structure Processing Unit). 


The chip is designed to work with data center structure in order to discharge the CPU. For illustration, this is work with the network, data storehouse subsystems, and so on. The new chip separates these tasks from guest tasks. It'll also increase the security of pall systems. 

The E2000 will appear as part of a new data center product called the C3 VM that will work with fourth- generation Intel Xeon processors. These results will be vended to everyone. 


Before it was reported that in Russia lacks data centers. 

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